Database Administrator

MS SQL Server

Our database administrators are supremely talented in managing MS SQL server that comes from clients. We are having a team of well-trained developers who are fully dedicated to the database management work. We know that Microsoft SQL server is used for storing and retrieving data on the demand of different software apps. The primary job of MS SQL server is to store the bulk of data securely and manage accordingly. We are having full potential in handling all such database management and can the whole work appropriately.

We are trained to manage all types of Microsoft SQL Server requirements

  • Streamlined installation
  • Better security features
  • Lower ownership costs
  • Better performance features
  • An experienced team of ReactJS developers to deliver the top results

MySQL Database

We are having years of experience in handling all types of MySQL projects that come to us from our clients. Our development team is well-trained to carry out MySQL projects and manage them superbly. MySQL is an open source database that allows multiple customers to access massive databases which act as a server. We are extremely skilled in handling the MySQL database and have full command on it to meet the client expectation. We understand clients’ concern for managing huge data using MySQL database.

Our MySQL database management services are best to use

  • High and top security
  • High built-in availability
  • Flexible pricing structure
  • Reliable database structure
  • Easily manageable database

MS-Access Database

We are having a strong command of MS-Access database which helps to manage users’ bulk of data systematically. Microsoft Access, being a database management system has a capacity of combing relational Microsoft Jet database with graphic UI & software development tools. Our experts are highly involved in managing massive database using MS-Access. Our developers are known for all the features and aspects which are needed in managing the bulky database. Also, MS-Access provides the ease to import and link to data which is stored on different apps and databases.

We are proficient in managing database using MS-Access

  • Flexible database systems
  • Easy to manage massive data
  • Ready templates for users’ need
  • Easy integration with MS Office packages


Our experienced team is well-trained in handling data using SQLite which is a relational database management system. SQLite doesn’t have any special server process and hence uses ordinary disk files to read and write the whole data. It has a cross-platform file format which can run even on less stack space and that’s the reason it is more used in database engine which requires less memory like cell phones, MP3 players and more such. We are highly experienced in SQLite and have full potential to manage user data with SQLite database.

We are experienced in providing SQLite database services

  • It is not required to install SQLite before you start using it
  • No need for separate server as it read and writes from file disk
  • Single database file which can be located anywhere on the directory
  • SQLite has readable source code that can be read by developers


Our database administrators are highly experienced in dealing with MongoDB projects. When there is need to manage enormous data, at that time, MongoDB comes in the picture. It is specially designed to manage massive of huge enterprises and store them using cloud service. MongoDB has full tendency to store data in the most secure manner on the cloud with full security. We are highly trained to work on the massive database and have the expertise to operate it safely without losing any of them.

Our expertise is huge in dealing with MongoDB projects

  • Easy join views
  • Schema-less architecture
  • No confusion about relationships
  • A clear structure for every object

Why Database Administrator Services from Age Technolab?

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