YII Framework Development

YII Framework Development

Yii is a high-performance, secure and feature-rich PHP framework, especially used for the creation of Web 2.0 applications. It is an object-oriented programming platform having incredible features like MVC, DAO/ActiveRecord, web services, scaffolding, automatic code generation, error handling, role-based access control, and much more that can effectively reduce the development time and increase business productivity.

Our Yii Framework Development Services

We at Age Technolab, believe in delivering world-class impressions in our Yii development services to meet the diverse need of our valuable clients. Our innovative PHP Yii developers first understand the business objectives of the clients and accordingly make a customize strategy to fulfill their immediate as well as long-term demands. Being a leading Yii development company, we deploy digital edge solutions in Yii development services aimed at empowering clients' business needs. By following state of the art solution, we have added a wide range of global clients on our clientele.


Why Our YII PHP Development Solutions
Have Established its Authenticity?

  • We follow "Flexible Yii Engagement Model" to provide cutting-edge web app development services.
  • We provide extraordinary Yii development services with the multitude of benefits at cost-effective rates.
  • Our highly qualified PHP Yii framework developers provide excellent quality services & solutions as per the clients' needs.’

Believing in the customer-oriented development approach, we put our best services to provide the latest and trendy web app development services to our esteemed customers. Our innovative approach in delivering award-winning Yii development services is clearly demonstrated through our reliable & proficient services that precisely promote your business globally. Let's explore some remarkable features of Yii we implement for you:

  • Unit Testing
  • We have a great team of Yii developers, they professionally use the marvellous features of unit testing as well as use the functionality test to provide incredible solutions.
  • Authentication & Authorization
  • Yii has a built-in authentication/authorization framework and our developers will customize this for your special needs.
  • AJAX-enabled Widgets
  • To provide a dynamic user interface, we love to integrate jQuery along with AJAX-enabled widgets for instance data grid, the autocomplete input field, and tree view.
  • MVC Architecture Pattern
  • Being a proficient PHP web app development company, we follow the worldwide accepted MVC Architecture pattern that empowers to effectively separate database & business pattern, then provides easy to understand & simple code.
  • Built-in Validation & Form Input
  • Our developers can safely collect form input & set validation rules with various Yii helper methods and widgets. We simplify validation and form input task effectively.
  • Security Measures
  • Now, there is no need to worry about security parameters, our prime concern is to deliver highly secure web applications, which protect from SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and CSRF.

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