The Changing Phase of E-Commerce,M-Commerce & Social Commerce

-We all are living in the 21st century where nowadays people prefer online mediums for doing online shopping with full ease and comfort. Gone is the time when customers where visiting retail shop by wasting their time, petrol and money to reach the physical store. Now is the technology-based era where you can access the full shopping store just by sitting at your home. This is the reason that the trend of E-Commerce Web Development is booming day by day. The competition has become tough and if you want to survive in the online marketplace, you have to make special efforts to engage the targeted audience on your e-store.

*eCommerce: An ever-escalating platform for selling online products
-As time passed further new ways started introducing in the market like the trend of mobile commerce comes on the market. We are very well aware of the use and addiction of SmartPhones and mobile apps by people from every age. This is the reason which forced e-commerce business holders to take their business on SmartPhone and introduced E-Commerce Mobile App Development technique to target all the mobile users. With mobile, it becomes all easy to access the whole online store and pick the best products as per your needs. Not only shopping but the payment experience also becomes smooth and secure.

*Let’s see the top benefits of M-Commerce Development:
*Trouble-free access to the store
-In today’s busy life scenario, it is little difficult to spend time on shopping by visiting the stores. This process is time taking as you will require visiting the physical store by car or any vehicle. That means both time and money is needed to reach the store. But if we talk about mobile commerce shopping then it is clear that you can shop as much as you want to with the help of your SmartPhone. There is no need to rush anywhere or stand in a queue for the billing process and spend money. M-Commerce Development saves your time, efforts and money so that you can add that money while shopping using mobile commerce sites. Make your e-commerce website mobile-friendly to get more and more visits and increase your sales.

*Pull new customers
-You can attract new customers on your e-store by adding new functionalities in the existing one. A well-optimized site is always beneficial for retaining your customers as well as it helps to bring new customers. If the user will find your e-commerce website easy to run on mobile then there are huge chances to get a good amount of profit. As we all are living in the technology-based world, it is important to walk with current technology trends. By adding new features in your e-store, you will get an improved customer base and this way, you can explore your e-commerce business globally.

*Build new marketing mediums
-With the help of m-commerce development, you can create new marketing channels. It is said because iBeacons are used for providing physical experience to customers who are visiting online stores. It’s a kind of sensor which is placed on the display of products, shelves and can interact with any mobile device which is near to them. This helps in providing a full personal shopping experience to all the customers. The signals are actually beneficial as they are also involved in providing the push notifications which reminds the user about the checkout process and if they had something in their cart. Also, this signal gives them information about the arrival of any new product in the store.

*Easy and secure payments
-Online stores are growing day by day and if someone is buying any product from the e-store then they have to do the payment. Here comes the online payment process which is specially designed by keeping all the security concerns in mind. It is highly important to keep customers’ sensitive information safe and secure while performing the online payment process. There are various online payment mediums through which customers can make easy payments for the products which they buy from the e-commerce site. That’s why the trend of payment integration is also growing fast as all the e-commerce site owners are adopting this trend to make their e-store more accessible as per user demands.

-As we are moving forward, the trends are changing and new technologies are evolving at a faster rate. Whether it’s E-Commerce or M-Commerce both are important in their place. But in today’s time where social media platforms are playing a huge role, the e-commerce impact has reached towards all such platforms. We know the current scenario of the market which tells us every single person is using social media platforms for getting a wider audience reach on their particular business.

*The growing impact of Social Commerce:

-Social commerce is booming at a high rate which is forcing every e-commerce business owner to sell their products on different social media platforms. Among all other platforms, Facebook is the most popular social media platform for selling products. The trend to sell online products on such platforms is increasing and benefiting both e-commerce business owners and customers.

-Mainly, social media competitors are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, so let’s explore each one of them:

1. Facebook

Facebook has 1.80 billion active users on a monthly basis and the number is growing with every single day. The world of e-commerce is growing now by walking with different social media platforms. Facebook being the most popular platform is the best choice for e-commerce business owners to sell their products. Now, Facebook has a “Shop NOW” store which is providing easy ways for e-stores owners to sell their products. Also, you can add Facebook Ads to promote your products.

2. Twitter

Twitter is another social platform which is allowing e-store owners to sell their products. It also has same features just like Facebook but differs in some way. Twitter has a “Buy Button” which allows customers to shop from the platform without leaving the website. Twitter has created this innovative offer button that permits customers and followers to provide product information with discounts and special offers.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is famous for its “Repins” which are present all over the website. If you have the pins then you can constantly show your pins to all the viewers who visit the platform. Pinterest has the best way to attract customers by showing the most attractive pictures. If you want to sell any product on this platform, you should mention the best picture of your products and pin them on the site. This way, the customer will visit the site and if found usable or interesting then definitely he will buy that particular product. In this way, Pinterest is also getting huge importance for selling products on the social media platforms.

4. Instagram

If it’s about visual effects and showcases then how can we forget Instagram which has a huge user base of around 850 million active users. It has fascinating tools which online companies are using to insert different advertisements and call-to-action buttons for attracting customers. Instagram has a little bag icon “Install Now” and price tags which provides a flexible and smooth experience for all the customers. Especially Millennials are enjoying such experience by using Instagram and this is benefiting both customers and e-commerce business owners.

Wrap Up:

We all are very well aware of all the growing trends of e-commerce industry which are growing very fast. Today, people from every age want to access SmartPhones for the shopping need and find it very easy to access different e-stores from their phone only. E-Commerce Website Design plays a huge role as it’s highly important to focus on the look and feel of the website to attract the audience. With the increase of mobile users, every industry is adopting mobile app trends to explore their business globally. Also, the scope of social media platforms is booming and now having the best social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, e-commerce business owners can sell their products on such platforms for reaching a wider audience.