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Mobile Testing Services

To battle successfully in the changing technology market, product organizations launch their applications in different platforms and devices, that include iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, open source operating system and a few mobile computing gadgets including phones, tablets. As a testing organization, we have build our specialty in mobile testing services, particularly in testing applications on Android and iOS gadgets, that covers a scope around the human interface guidelines (HIG) for these stages. We likewise play out a wide range of native, hybrid and web applications testing with an enhanced mobile test automation approach that obliges a solitary test set both i.e. on mobile and non-mobile versions of the app.


Our specialization in Mobile Testing Services

  • On-time project delivery at cost-effective pricing
  • End-to-end mobile testing solutions using latest tools
  • Wide-ranging testing of hybrid mobile including its development
  • For testing, we use real devices & emulators as per the requirement
  • Awesome testing environment and SDK Kit to support platforms and operating systems

Website Testing Services

We offer a wide array of quality assurance testing services that meet your requirements including software testing to quality assurance outsourcing. We are known for blending in perfectly those industry best practices and technologies with the some of the best testers with years of experience all together; resulting in enhanced quality at competitive costs. Our website testing specialists will deal with all parts of testing your all types of functional and non-functional necessities, guaranteeing that you have the assurance and knowledge that your site is free from every single defect or error, and can deal with the expected traffic volume.


Our specialization in providing website testing services

  • Skilled to develop test cases from use cases and SRS
  • Well understanding of apache, web servers and user cases
  • Enough knowledge of CSS, Java Scripting, HTML, Ajax and JavaScript
  • Knowledge of diverse platforms i.e. Mac, Solaris, Windows and Linux
  • Proficient in handling diverse bug tracking systems

Test Automation

We offer different range of test automation services that includes automation strategy, automation of regression test groups and more. We have an experienced team of automation testers who are well trained to find the perfect test case which is used for automation. SDLC decides the time of automation and selects the right tools and optimal set of frameworks that will provide the best ROI. Our highly skilled automation testers have got huge expertise in handling different test automation projects for different technologies and diverse industry sectors. Our testers will guarantee to serve you with the best quality testing services that will directly impact the quality of your project.

Our expertise areas in test automation services

  • Skilled in boosting test coverage using new techniques
  • Able to find out the accurate test automation opportunities
  • Superb returns on the investments
  • CI, CD Framework Integration
  • Support for different programming technologies and automation services


Security Testing Services

Age Technolab is highly experienced in providing the best-in-class security testing services as per diverse business needs. Our testers are proficient in serving different clients based on different industry sectors with the best testing support. Hire Age Technolab as your software testing partner, the benefits are high and risks are less in having an independent testing partner than in house testing. Age Technolab, as an independent tester and test consultant focuses solely on impartiality for better quality while you can concentrate on your core business activities and do your best. Independent Quality Assurance process would bring in enhanced results as this is their core competency.

We are superior in serving security testing services

  • Minimize your spends in managing violence and their impacts
  • Early recognizing bugs and errors to minimize the risks
  • Testing services based on business priorities to run business smoothly
  • Speedy fixing of issues and bugs with centralized knowledge repository
  • Tracking and reporting for conformity


Wireless Network Testing Services

With the beginning of wireless communication in basic gadgets, for example, medical, smart meter and home automation apps, thorough testing of wireless frameworks has turned out to be vital. The expanding complexities of guidelines and controls, alongside quickly creating advancements, represent a test to organizations endeavoring to implement these new advances. Wireless network testing services is the need of the hour and different industry sectors are looking for such services. If we talk about wireless network then reliability and consistency both are very important. There is huge need of complete testing solutions for different mobile networks. We are highly experienced to handle all such issues which are related to wireless network.

We are experienced in handling different wireless network testing services

  • Quality insight to ensure that your system works properly
  • Competitive pricing for all wireless network testing services
  • Experienced and skilled network testers to deliver the best results
  • Our testers assure the quality and improves the testing coverage
  • No excess time to deliver the app error free in the 


Telecom Testing

We have been a witness to situations where business models and markets have been changing dynamically and so change the applications that support them. However the sad part is that during all these changes that take place Quality assurance or software testing is often taken off the budget in spite of being aware of the fact that the software defects are likely to have considerable and direct impact on brand goodwill and profitability. Even the minutest defect may lead to a situation where the impact on business – customers and partners is irreversible at times. Telecom testing is boosting to improve the level of telecom hub and we are providing the best telecom testing services to improve their low areas.

We are skilled in managing different telecom testing services

  • Customer experience and support
  • Multi-channel integration support
  • Managing and handling IT costs
  • Securing market share
  • Standing amongst competitors using different technology

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